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Which you can also buy for yourself.

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Veronica Jenkinson

Most girls would remember growing up with Barbie; her cars, house, high heels and all that pink. 

But one thing she never had was flats. It may have taken 50 years, but earlier this year, Barbie finally scored herself a pair.

And now thanks to a new collaboration with Sophia Webster, Barbie has a whole new range of shoes to add to her enviable wardrobe. The new collection includes sneakers (not to mention high-tops), sandals and Barbie's signature pink stiletto heel. She even managed to get some of Webster's butterfly Chiaras. 

Webster shares our joy, "I love that this concept strikes a balance between dreams and reality - the idea of getting Barbie in some hi-tops and setting her loose in East London instantly appealed."

But the most amazing thing? You can buy Barbie's shoes not just for Barbie, but for yourself as well.

Just take our money already.

The collection will be released exclusively with Selfridges on August 27, as well as online.


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