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Happy Dads' day.

Words by

Veronica Jenkinson

Dads can be tricky to buy for. Normally you can get away with the old socks and undies or Bunnings voucher, but sometimes dads just need something a little more special. Enter WeWood and Proof.

WeWood timepieces and Proof eyewear aren’t your average accessories for a few reasons. They're made from recycled timber so each item is unique and whenever you buy something from their ranges, you’ll be helping somebody else.

WeWood watches encompass various face styles, bands and woods including Indian rosewood, mahogany coffee tree and teak. They’re also a company who wants to leave a positive environmental footprint. For every watch you buy, they plant a tree. So not only are you making dad happy, you’re making the environment happy too.

And what goes great with a unique timber watch? A pair of unique timber glasses of course. Each pair of Proof Wooden Eyewear shades is hand made from some of the finest recycled hardwoods including bamboo, ebony and lace wood. Their lenses are all polycarbonate and 100% UVA and UVB protected. And for every pair of glasses sold, they'll provide sight-giving surgery to people in India who can’t afford it.

So Fathers' Day presents are totally covered, just tell Dad he's saving the world.

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