Saveus unveils the cutest puppy print at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week

The next best thing if you don’t have a puppy yourself.

When you’re overseas, it’s always nice to bump into a fellow Australian. But when they’re presenting a collection at an international fashion week? All the feels.

The collection is called BRKHOP and it’s a fantastic mix of clean-cut white separates and metallic gold statement pieces. Aaaand probably the cutest pink and grey puppy print you’ve ever seen.

Thanks to AirAsia X, we caught Sydney designers Jarred Baker and Charlotte Terry over in KL, to chat about their new stuff and what Saveus is all about.

Why the name Saveus?

Jarred: It’s called Saveus because I started the label when I was working in retail. We made jokes like, “Save us from retail,” so we decided to just go with the name and threw a logo together. It’s more about what the name means now than what it actually translates to, which is not much thought (laughs).

When did you start the label?

Jarred: I started the label four years ago. Charlotte has just come on as one of my designers. In a very short period of time, we’ve put this range together and I’m so happy that Charlotte has helped me bring this vision to life. Charlotte is still at design school but she’s far beyond her education. She’s obviously got a knack for doing it. I’m always looking to collaborate with new people and I think young talent is the freshest.

Tell me about the BRKHOP collection.

Jarred: The ranges that we always do have very serious clean lines, an emphasis on tailoring and beautiful fabrics. I thought, “We cannot do another monochrome range.” I fall into that pattern all the time. It’s beautiful and it sells really well but we decided to mix it up and add a really animated fun print. And what’s more fun than a puppy? There’s nothing more serious than a floor-length gown and the puppy print just diffuses it. We created the range specifically for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and we thought it would resonate well with the fashion-forward Asian audience.

Charlotte: If you look at the collection you can see that there are some really serious silhouettes. They’re very classic and modern but what we’ve done is juxtaposed the serious with the fun and playful.

Why Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week?

Jarred: It’s an amazing opportunity to enter the Asian market. We have a strong customer base in Asia so this gave us a chance to talk to them directly and show them something from Australia. I think we’ve got a really cool unique style and it’s amazing to be able to share it with them.


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