10 things we kinda hate about Valentine’s Day

Cupid rhymes with stupid.

You know what’s great about Sundays? It’s the day of rest, which means a sleep in, an afternoon session or whatever you want really. You know what’s not so great about this Sunday? It’s Valentine’s Day. 

Why is Valentine’s Day so bad? If you have to ask the question then I’m guessing you’re in a relationship (and your partner actually buys you things) or you’re at least holding out hope for that special someone. We are genuinely thrilled for you guys.

But here are just a few reasons why some people just don’t like cupid’s special day:

  • We’re assaulted with cards, chocolates and bears (that no grown woman actually wants) for at least a month leading up to the day.
  • Overpriced chocolate. How can we eat our feelings if even the chocolate is too expensive?
  • You’ll have to eat takeaway (or cook your own food) because you won’t be able to eat out anywhere (that includes breakfast).
  • You need to keep reminding people that you’re single when they keep asking what you’ve got planned.
  • People then feel sorry for you. Why? Single people don’t have to fork out for flowers, cards and overpriced chocolate.
  • You can totally throw a girls night, Galentine’s Day is a thing right? Just hope you have enough single friends and don’t try to go out because the couples have already booked everything.
  • If you’re casually seeing someone, things can get weird.
  • Social media is flooded with loved-up photos so you can’t even distract yourself with pictures of food, clothes or hot people without something interrupting you.
  • We’re assaulted with stupid movies like Valentine’s Day (that goes for everyone, not just single people).
  • And even if you are in a relationship Valentine’s Day can just be… ugh.

On the plus side, the leftover chocolate should be cheaper on Monday. Winning.

We’re all about hanging with the gals this Valentine’s Day. To celebrate you and your bestie we are running the ultimate ‘Gal-entines Day’ competition. Enter here

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