Everybody can chill now, Instagram isn’t changing anything yet

*breathes again*

It’s OK, good Fashion Journalers. Despite what your feed may lead you to believe, Instagram will still show your posts in chronological order. At least for now.

If you’re wondering what in the begeesus is going on, Instagram recently announced it would stop showing your newsfeed in the traditional chronological order, instead introducing an algorithm. Similar to Facebook, the algorithm will mean your feed will appear in order of what Instagram thinks you’ll like the most. Unsurprisingly, the internet wasn’t too gushed about that.

If you’ve been on Instagram at all today, you’ll know that rumour is quickly spreading the changes are going to be implemented today. Post after annoying post has invited us to turn on notifications (so sick of that upward pointing arrow) or risk never seeing content from that poster again.

In response, Instagram took to Twitter this morning to reassure the hoards of frightened ‘grammers [us, you] that “nothing is changing with your feed right now.” So rn we’re feeling a lot more calm.

Instagram followed up with a promise to gives us a good heads-up when “changes roll out broadly.” Is that just a way of saying they’ll ease us into the change? Yeah. It is.

But for now we can put down our pitchforks and open our Insta accounts and still expect to see our feed as normal. 

[Image via @fannythefoodie]

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