The Australian brands making waves in men’s grooming

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Hair care is for all of us.

While female haircare products cascade in abundance across our pages, we know that beauty isn’t solely an interest for women. Everyone wants to indulge in a little beauty and self-care, so we thought we’d spotlight three brands dedicated to making waves on the grooming scene.

King Brown Pomade
Drawing inspiration from styles of the past, King Brown Pomade presents a classic approach to modern grooming. With a focus on quality and tradition, its selection of pomades are carefully produced to create a timeless look. The brand is proudly Australian-owned and manufactured, delivering oil, wax, and water-based formulas that allow for easy application and versatility in styling. You’ll also find a grooming spray to add texture or volume, and a range of old-style combs to help perfect your look.


Milkman is dedicated to facial hair, no matter what decade it seems stuck in. We’re talking everything from 1900s handlebars to ’80s chevrons to ’00s soul patches. The beard- and moustache-loving brand makes both shaving and hair care products, manufacturing it all here in Australia. Its range of beard oils, shampoos, wax, balms, soap-free shaving gels and aftershave serums are heavy on locally-sourced, nourishing botanicals to keep your hair and skin as healthy as possible. You’ll also find all the tools of the trade including razors, scissors and combs.


Modern Pirate
In a sector dominated by big business, Modern Pirate is all about injecting a bit of life and culture back into men’s grooming. Products and packaging are heavily inspired by barber, tattoo and surf cultures, translating a free and easy spirit into the realm of personal style. Sea salt-infused products provide an accessible beachy look, while different pomades let you control your hair’s texture and finish. You’ll also find soap, shampoo, conditioner and beard serums to round out your routine.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 192. You can read it here.

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