5 professional makeup artists on their fave beauty product of the moment

Basically just an excuse to go shopping.

Like any normal person of reasonable sanity, we luurrrv new beauty products.

Is there no greater joy than opening crisp, fresh packaging, not yet stained by the leftover foundation on your fingers?

Answer: No.

But with the stream of new beauty releases seemingly endless, finding those products worthy of your hard-earned cash can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, reviews and shortlists help, but sometimes you need to go straight to the experts.

So we asked five professional makeup artists for their favourite products du jour. Here’s what they suggested.

Shu Uemura Petal Skin Fluid foundation
Available from: David Jones

“For my clients who need a foundation, this is perfect. Petal Skin has a semi-matte/semi-sheer appearance with a ‘natural transparent’ skin finish and is SPF 20. Win, win really.” – Shella Martin

MAC Strobe cream
Available from: MAC Cosmetics

“It’s an illuminating moisturiser with a slight pink undertone that can be worn alone or under makeup. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and makes it look alive. MAC has recently released new colour undertones to suit all skin colours too, including red, silver and gold. They are all beautiful!”  – Cat Smith

Pat McGrath LUST004 lipstick

“Recently, I’ve discovered Pat McGrath’s line of lipsticks, LUST004. My client was lucky enough to get one from The States before it sold out and I have been obsessed with it ever since. To the point where I set my alarm for 3am one morning for the re-release. Thank goodness I woke up as it sold out in only six minutes.” – Maria Gullace

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating balm
Available from: Bobbi Brown

“I love the new Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating balm because I have found multiple purposes for it. I use it on its own after moisturiser has been applied to the face. I apply the balm using a small foundation brush to the areas of the face which I want to accentuate a healthy glow. I also like to inject a full pump into the foundation I’m using and (depending on the photoshoot) apply it all over the face for a very fresh, glowing look. It smells DIVINE,  it also works a treat on the shoulder points and collarbone for an extra healthy glow.” – Bradwyn Jones

Napoleon Perdis Anti-Pollution Refining Skin-Fusion Milk Toning Essence 
Available from: Napoleon Perdis

“It’s an essence spritz that re-texturises your skin to make it look like glass, and smells absolutely moreish. It eliminates dehydration and textured skin without leaving a greasy texture on the surface of your skin. It’s amazing used alone or under makeup. I can’t get enough, I always have it on hand when flying, whether I’m bare-faced or made-up. It helps to protect your skin from environmental factors that torment your skin while flying. It’s also beautiful spritzed over your décolletage, giving the skin a sensual, sumptuous glow.” – Kate Squires

Image from FJ Shoot: Sky High

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