Lane Bryant launches plus size campaign #ImNoAngel

Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley to change the conversation about plus-size.

Plus-size retailer Lane Bryant has launched its newest Spring campaign #ImNoAngel, using print campaigns and publicity stunts to “redefine sexy and notions of beauty.”

Aside from some beautiful imagery and an upcoming NYC performance by Salt & Pepa, the campaign also encourages all women to take a selfie and write #ImNoAngel in lipstick on the mirror.

If you hadn’t already cottoned on, yes, the hashtag alludes to lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, which is regularly criticised for its failure to appeal and cater to more diverse body types. However, it is interesting to note that Heasley is the former CEO of Limited Brands, owner of Victoria’s Secret. Very interesting…

But at the end of the day, women should not be dictated by or rely on campaigns to feel proud of their bodies. Beauty is a very personal construct and may only be realised from within.

Love yourselves, ladies <3


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