L’Oréal Paris launches make-up simulator app

It’s called Make-up Genius and it actually works.

This is creepy crazy cool.

L’Oréal Paris have launched their Make-up Genius app in Australia and we did a bit of road testing.

You download the app and take a photo of your face. You’ve got a few options now. You can choose a product to virtually test out or choose a full make-up look that will instantly be imprinted on your face.

And it works. Winged eyeliner. Bold lips. Smokey eyes. Shake your head around in real time guys—it ain’t coming off.

The app also scans the barcodes of L’Oréal products with the camera, so next time you’re at Priceline and you don’t want to physically apply that manky lip gloss tester, you can just virtually apply it through the app. Weird.

There’s also a range of make-up tutorials that you can watch, and you can save your favourite make-up looks and products to your profile.

According to L’Oréal, the app uses the same technology that was used to create Brad Pitt’s ageing face in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

L’Oréal’s head of digital, Christophe Eymery says the plan is to create make-up profiles of models at runway events that you can access instantaneously from the app. Just casually sitting at the front row beaming virtual make-up onto yourself.

Time to road test on our male friends?


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