Make-up for Men: What you need to know

Let’s talk about M-A-K-E-U-P.

Interest in male grooming has steadily been on the rise, but it still seems like there’s a taboo around the discussion of cosmetic products (or make-up) for men. Although some guys are born with perfect skin and rarely need to do anything to maintain it, there are others that may deal with adult acne, skin conditions or may just have an uneven skin tone.

If you’re in the camp that isn’t bothered by a spot here or there – kudos to you. But for others who struggle to find confidence in their appearance, there are a number of products that can help. 

We’ve put together a small edit to help you hide blemishes, and give the appearance of clear skin without looking like you’ve got the M word on.

1. Tinted moisturiser – For a quick all-over fix

Tinted moisturisers are probably the most ‘masculine’ of the bunch, and honestly fit well into a no-fuss skincare routine.

For those scratching their heads, a tinted moisturiser is basically ordinary moisturiser with a hint of colour – usually just enough coverage to correct discolouration.

The Lab Series’s BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF 35 is a great pick as it comes with the added bonus of an SPF, so it really is a one-stop shop for an even and protected skin tone.

2. Concealer – To cover spots and discolouration

Concealer is a tricky one as if it’s not applied correctly, it’s very easy to look like you’re wearing it. We’d recommend something like MAC Cosmetic’s Pro Long Wear Concealer as it’s quite easy to apply with your fingers, has a matte finish, and comes in a very travel friendly pump bottle.

Dab it over spots with your ring finger, or mix it with a light moisturiser and apply under your eyes to cover any discolouration.

3. Foundation – For all-over coverage

Now the word foundation lends itself to something extremely feminine, but once you realise its just paint for your face, it isn’t a big deal.

The key to making a foundation look natural is to get the right colour and go with the less is more approach. Most beauty counters and pharmacies offer colour matching services, and as daunting as that sounds, you won’t have been the first (or last) guy to walk in for a quick ‘grooming’ fix.

We love MAC Cosmetics’ Studio Face and Body Foundation as it’s an extremely lightweight liquid formula, comes in fairly unisex packaging and can be applied with your fingers, so no tools required.

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