Mecca launches beauty chatbot to provide gifting advice this Christmas


Taking away the anxiety of gift-giving.

Gift-giving is a really fun activity when you know exactly what to buy. But when you don’t, it’s an anxiety-inducing chore that nags at you until you’re reduced to buying a generic voucher AGAIN.

Mecca is setting out to solve that problem, with the launch of a chatbot that provides gift-giving advice for the holidays.

Technology right?! I know.

The chatbot, named ‘Miss MECCA’, is accessible via the Facebook Messenger app, and asks you a series of questions based on the person you’re buying for.

For example, you’ll be asked who the gift is for, and what budget and beauty category suits them best. Miss MECCA then compiles this information to give you a curated edit of gift suggestions, which you can shop directly online.

If reading this article reminds you of the mountain of gifts you’re still yet to buy, you can find Miss MECCA by searching on Facebook Messenger.


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