Milkman Grooming Co. wants to give you $1000 for naming its new product

A unique, sensory experience.

What if we told you there was a way to get your grooming routine down pat and make a few $$ at the same time?

Milkman Grooming Co. is all about offering a unique, sensory experience and it does this by creating a new scent for every single product it produces. 

The latest in that range is the ‘Question Mark’ beard oil, though that won’t be its name for too much longer. With the belief that every fragrance has the ability to capture a person’s imagination, Milkman has decided to let you name the scent.

The brand has launched its ‘Sniff it! Name it! Win it!’ competition. You lads are invited to name the oil, according to what best captures the essence of the fragrance.

Just purchase the oil on the Milkman site, give it an appropriately awesome name and you could win $1000. You’ll also have your name immortalised on a new run of the beard oil. Woop!

Jump online to enter. 


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