Research shows women prefer to wear more masculine fragrances

Tell your relatives.

I’ve never liked receiving perfume as a gift. As someone who’s partial to a subtle fragrance with woody notes, I hate that I’m always presented with traditionally feminine fragrances with heavily floral notes.

Now a new study has confirmed that most women are just like me, no longer opting for floral, feminine scents.

New research by Fragrantica and Showerstoyou has concluded that most women prefer fragrances with woody or spicy notes.

After surveying 66,000 people on their favourite fragrance, they found that 70 per cent of women’s top-voted perfumes featured more traditionally masculine notes.

Apparently, 63 per cent of men also prefer women with a “masculine” scent (not that it should matter).

Top-scoring fragrances included Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, Dior’s Hypnotic Poison and Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. Although Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb also made the cut.

The full list is below:

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

2. Dior Hypnotic Poison

3. Thierry Mugler Alien

4. Dolce and Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

5. Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka

6. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

7. Guerlain Shalimar

8. Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum

9. Dior J’adore

10. Calvin Klein Euphoria

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