Shu Uemura x Matcha Maiden

A matcha made in heaven.

Shu Uemura has conquered the beauty industry with its products that combine rare, precious and natural ingredients. The next target: haircare.

Its latest endeavor is a collaboration with Matcha Maiden for a limited edition matcha tea blend. So now instead of drinking your daily dose of matcha, you can infuse it into your hair. This green tea delight can be experienced as part of Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Ceremonies service.

The concoction contains pure stone-ground green tea and marine collagen, a combination that is specifically designed to beautify and boost the health of hair.

Matcha tea is made from 100 per cent pure, organic, ground green tea leaves, with 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Marine collagen is a fibrous protein that is extracted from the scales and skin of saltwater fish and is known to enhance the growth, strength and quality of hair fibre.

The tea blend is currently available in selected salons nationwide, for a limited time only.


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