Someone invented a nude lipstick especially for women of colour

The New Nude.

After years working behind makeup counters selling makeup that didn’t suit her skin, Florence Adepoju set out to create her own.

An applied chemistry degree in cosmetics and four years later, Florence launched a start-up out of her parent’s shed in the UK.

MDMflow is her brainchild, a play on the word Madame and her own first name.

Her line primarily features liquid lipsticks, including ‘New Nude’, a shade made specifically to flatter women of colour.

It’s slightly darker than most other ‘nudes’ on the market and is more pigmented with a faint pink hue.

A vitamin E-based formula gives a matte finish without the cardinal sin of dry lips, so it gets a big tick from us.

It’s the latest brand to offer an alternate ‘nude’ shade for people with darker skin tones, a movement we’re very happy to see more of.

MDMflow is will be available from Mecca Trove in August. Keep eyes out. 


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