Beauty report: bareMinerals Add-to-Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains

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Name: bareMinerals Mix. Exfoliate. Smooth. Add-to-Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains
Price: $31
What it does: Loose exfoliating grains which are added to your cleanser to “refine uneven texture, promote cell turnover and boost vibrancy”
Key ingredients: Chardonnay, rose, sweet orange peel, black rice grains and mineral-rich sea salts
Available from: mecca.com.au

How it feels/smells/looks

The grains are super small, soft and mix easily with your favourite cleanser. The pretty pink/purple colour is an added bonus.

Why I like it

More like a fun DIY recipe than face cleanser, this product gives you the chance to customise your exfoliation as per your skin’s needs. As someone whose skin has brittle/flaky tendencies when over-scrubbed, this product was a miracle worker. Where normal exfoliation products are too rough, this one was gentle enough to do a good job, without leaving my skin sore.

Areas for improvement

You have to be really conscious of not getting water in the bottle. This one’s much safer when used to wash your face over a basin (as opposed to in the shower).

Final comments

If you usually find facial exfoliators are too rough for your skin, this may just be the perfect solution.

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