Beauty report: ELEVEN Australia Dry Powder Volume Paste

Perfecting that second-day-wash texture.

Name: ELEVEN Australia Dry Powder Volume Paste
Price: $24.95
What it does: The paste works to lift roots and give your hair that grit and texture that seems to only come the second day after washing.
Key ingredients: Coconut oil, sunflower extract, soybean oil
Available from: elevenaustralia.com

How it feels/smells/looks

Despite being a paste, it feels quite dry and powdery to the touch. This turns instantly gritty when applied to the hair.

Why I like it

I’m pretty low-maintenance with my hair, and this makes it instantly look styled. It also helped my hair last longer between washes, as the paste removes excess oil. Also because it’s quite thick, the effects tends to last a few days.

Areas for improvement

If you’re dark-haired like me, you’ll have to really work the product in to get rid of excess grit. Otherwise it looks a bit like dandruff.

Final Comments

A little harder to use than a powder, but probably more effective if you’re after a ‘bed’ hair sitch.


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