How to: create the perfect top knot

Perfect the top knot.

We’re all in favour of keeping our hair out of the way on a hot summer’s day. That’s why we asked Elizabeth from TONI&GUY to show us how to perfect the cutest top knot. Say hello to your new go-to summer do.

1. Take a halo section of hair from the top of the head and secure into a tight ponytail.

2. Brush hair back from around the face and apply label.m Texture Wax Stick to root area to create a more defined look. Pull the finer hairs from around the hairline onto the face to soften the hairline and add texture.

3. Secure remaining hair into a ponytail, directly over the top of the previous one. Dividing the ponytail like this makes the hair much more manageable and allows you to get a flatter and sleeker result.

4. Split ponytail into two equal parts and apply label.m Shine Mist to each section. Twist sections slightly to make them easier to work with.

5. Tie two sections into a knot, then continue to knot and re-knot the hair until you reach the ends of the two sections. Secure with a clear elastic.

6. Twist the knotted braid in on itself until it folds inwards forming a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

7. Pull apart the bun slightly with fingers to create a little width and looser texture.

8. If any loose ends of hair are sticking out from within the topknot, apply shine mist to fingers and rub the product on to stray ends to create a sleek pointed effect.

9. Spray label.m Hairspray lightly over the top to set in place.


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