How-to: wavy hair without tongs or straighteners

For loose waves that actually look effortless.

Tom Bozier from TONI&GUY shows us how to create loose undone waves without using curling tongs or a straightener. 

1. Apply label.m Sea Salt Spray liberally through the hair, layer-by-layer, until hair is damp.

2. Depending on how wavy you want your hair, follow this rule. The more sections you separate, the wavier your hair will be. For an undone look with loose waves, take three sections. Separate the sides from the back by drawing a line an inch behind the ear on both sides. Twist the hair starting from the roots. Remember, where you start twisting from is where the waves will start. If you want more volume, twist from the top of the head. For looser waves, twist from around the cheekbone level.

3. Twist the hair from roots to ends and then around into a bun. Think Spice Girls. Secure with a band or ideally a sectioning clip. Complete three little buns and make sure they are well-secured. Apply more label.m Sea Salt Spray to the buns.

4. Grab your hairdryer and take the nozzle off. Turn it on to medium or full power and heat up the buns for roughly 90 seconds each. You can rotate from one to the next so your arms don’t get tired.

5. Once the hair is 100% dry, switch to the cool air setting on your hairdryer until they are completely cool. This is important because this is what sets the wave into the hair.

6. Undo the buns.

7. For messy waves, tip your head upside-down and shake until the waves are completely loose and separated.

8. For more controlled waves, keep your head upright and gently pry the waves open. You want to make sure you separate your hair out so the sections you originally took are not visible.

9. Use label.m Soufflé as a perfect wave definer. Scrunch in to your desired waviness.

10. Finish with a light layer of hairspray.

Total time taken is 10-15 minutes. Easy.

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