Evo says we should cocktail our hair styling products

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Well, two is better than one.

For the average joe, building the perfect haircare routine from the ground up can be a challenge. Not only do you have to know what results you’re looking for and find the right product to realise these goals, but it’s very rare to pull this off with just one bottle, jar or tube.

You might need one product to tackle frizz while another provides volume, or something to moisturise while another locks in texture. Your morning routine can become an exercise in chemistry, hoping products react well together and work as a synchronised team.

It takes a real load off when brands do some of this work for you. Australian haircare brand Evo pays careful attention to how its products blend and complement each other, building easy pairings into all its ranges.

Among its extensive styling range, for example, you’ll find pairings designed for both natural and heat-styled looks.

For those who love their straightener or curler but are conscious of heat damage, you can pair Day of Grace and Icon Welder. The latter is a heat protection spray – an essential for avid stylers – designed to minimise damage and moisture loss while also helping your carefully styled look stay in place all day. Day of Grace is a leave-in primer,  designed to spray before you reach for the straightener, which conditions and detangles the hair to improve manageability.

If you’re looking to give your natural texture a boost, the brand recommends pairing Whip It Good and Haze. Whip It Good is a moisturising mousse that helps with definition and shine, while Haze is a styling powder that creates volume and a matte finish. Together, the duo amplifies your natural texture offering a natural, healthy shine.

Like all Evo products, these power pairings are tested on humans and rely on carefully curated ingredients. Every ingredient is included with both performance and your hair’s health in mind, which means using ingredients like beeswax and safe synthetics when they’ll get the job done.

Shop Evo’s styling range online here.


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