This eco-friendly shampoo promises to cut your shower time in half

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Tame your mane.

Taking cues from the all-in-one product your dad might use, Hairstory’s newest product offers a time-saving solution that’s loaded with all the good stuff.

Dubbed the jack of all trades, New Wash will clean, condition, detangle and repair your locks. Yep, it’s a shampoo and conditioner all-in-one, promising to breathe life back into hair that’s been damaged from harsh products, heat styling and bleach (guilty).

For those needing a little extra TLC in their wash, you can also check out two new products from the range New Wash Deep and New Wash Rich. The first offers a deeper cleanse for oily hair types, while the richer formula caters for those with dryer tresses.

As well as improving our hair tenfold, Hairstory practices sustainable hairdressing. The eco-friendly brand donates 1% of its annual proceeds from sales of New Wash bottles to help create a healthier planet.

Shop the range here to shorten your shower-time.


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