Interview: Richi Grisillo

The future of hair styling is here.

TONI&GUY have launched a shiny new initiative called the Future Hair Fund which aims to make quality hair styling accessible and affordable to all. We caught up with TONI&GUY educator and artistic director Richi Grisillo to find out more and to chat about one of their most accessible and easy to maintain colours – a balayage.

Tell us about the Future Hair Fund?

The Future Hair Fund is a fantastic way to think savy about future hair appointments. Sometimes a hair appointment can seem like a huge investment however when you break down a hair appointment (cut and colour) into $20 a week over an eight week period its pretty much a no brainer.

What is your role at TONI&GUY?

At TONI&GUY my job role is split into three areas. I work in the salon in Paddington looking after my clientele as a colourist, I look after colour education for TONI&GUY Australia, and I’m a National Artistic team member which sees me work on everything from photo shoots, editorial and stage education.

How long will a balayage colour typically last for?

Balayage is a fantastic way to extend your hair colour life as it’s a technique that is designed to grow out seamlessly and look natural. Where clients often go wrong is that they let it go six months without a little attention and starts to look really worn out and tired and we end up needing to start back at square one to get their colour looking good again.

How is the colour application achieved?

Colour is applied visually and free hand sometimes a mixture of foil work and freehand application but it really depends on the clients desired result.

What kind of maintenance is required? 

Any freehand technique is recommended to be retouched at the 10-12 week mark just to keep it looking its best. Every six weeks we recommend a tone glossing service to keep the vibrancy of blonde or brunette in check and keep the colour looking polished and perfect.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Balayage can be tailored for any hair texture or length. If you have super curly hair, a photo of Alexa Chung possibly won’t be the best choice, however the concept of an effortlessly cool colour can be translated to suit a variety of hair types.

What is the difference between ombre and balayage? 

Ombre consists of block placement colour seamlessly blending into one another in horizontal bands usually one to two shades difference with each colour used to create a noticeable but soft transition into each colour.

Balayage however is a technique that creates a seamless illuminated effect throughout the hair.

Why do you think balayage continues to be so popular?

I think having hair colour that appears ‘super natural’ is quite hard to achieve but also to have  a colour that requires very little up keep is possibly the biggest appeal. Unlike circa 1999 full heads of foils every five weeks, balayage allows a client to have hair that fits their lifestyle and not the other way around.


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