Kim Kardashian is releasing a foundation for your body

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Images via KKW Beauty

For smooth, flawless knees.

It’s safe to assume making money off unconventional business ventures is somehow coded into the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s DNA.

The latest endeavour from Kim Kardashian-West to (understandably) raise eyebrows is a line of makeup designed for your body.

And yes, we do mean makeup, not skincare.

Star of the line is Kimmy K’s new Skin Perfecting Foundation, which is just like a normal foundation – designed to cover, blur and magic away skin imperfections – but for your body instead of your face.

Presumably, the product is meant to eliminate things like bruises and stretch marks to give you that perfect airbrushed look in your everyday life. Because god forbid your elbows or shins aren’t flawless at all times.

The range will also feature products that make a bit more sense, like two kinds of body shimmer and a brush to apply them.

Everything is smudge and transfer-proof, and will drop online at KKW Beauty on June 21.


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