What to know before your next piercing appointment


From preparation to aftercare.

While I admittedly can’t handle the pain, I’ve always loved the adrenaline rush of a new piercing. Choosing placement, picking your jewellery, making sure everyone on Instagram knows you have a ‘new addition’ (optional caption: ‘fresh metal’, more hardcore but has the same effect)… it’s simply a hoot!

What isn’t a hoot is the crusty pain you feel afterwards when you don’t take proper care of your new piercing. We’ve all done it and survived (2015 helix piercing, I’m looking at you) but the experience can be seriously unpleasant. And it’s preventable!

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If you’re going to a credible piercer and taking the right steps for prep and aftercare, your new piercing should heal like a dream. But don’t take it from me – particularly because I’ve made some questionable decisions over the years. To help, I’ve enlisted Sarah Munro, the co-founder of Australian fine jewellery practice and luxury piercing specialists, Sarah and Sebastian.

Sarah founded the practice with fellow Sydney designer, Robert Sebastian Grynkofki. In the soft light of the Sarah and Sebastian piercing suite, piercings are conducted privately using single-use needles, 18k gold and internally threaded fine jewellery. Sarah shares the tricks of her trade, along with everything to know before getting your first piercing.

What advice can you give in terms of piercing aftercare?


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Aftercare is one of the most important aspects of the piercing process. At Sarah and Sebastian, Our piercers provide both verbal and written instructions to guide you on how to look after your new piercing. A simple aftercare routine is most effective and minimal interference with your piercing makes all the difference. We recommend using Neilmed sterile mist to clean your piercing and promote healing. Also, always keep in mind that piercings that are constantly played with or slept on may experience a disrupted or prolonged healing process.

We recommend booking an aftercare appointment a few weeks after your piercing, where we can assess your healing and offer a downsize if needed. Our piercers will assign a longer earring backing during your appointment to allow for any initial swelling so once this has subsided, you may find a shorter post length is more comfortable.

What are some of the key points our readers should know before getting a piercing (either their first or just a new addition)?

Come to your appointment with styles or placements in mind but keep an open mind. Your piercer will detail your unique anatomy, pointing out features of your ear that may inspire you to think outside of what you had originally planned for your piercing. It’s also important that your piercer works with you to consider lifestyle factors that may affect your piercing, so there are no complications with the healing process.

We find that many clients love their first Sarah and Sebastian piercing experience so much, that they immediately book their next appointment. Our piercers are invested in every one of their client’s Ear Alchemy projects and love discussing future placements and jewellery additions in subsequent aftercare appointments.

Can you talk us through the best kinds of jewellery for sensitive skin (titanium, sterling silver, gold etc)?

We were the first brand to introduce a luxury piercing experience in Australia, piercing with solid 18-karat gold jewellery. Solid 18-karat gold is also one of the most biocompatible metals to reduce sensitivity and ensure optimal healing. Our piercing jewellery is internally threaded with a pendant that screws into a flat back post, designed specifically for initial piercings.

In your experience, what are clients asking for piercing-wise right now? Can you identify any emerging trends?

We’ve noticed clients requesting multiple piercings close together as constellations (clusters of three or more piercings) or snakebites (two piercings close together). Our piercers love creating unique compositions with our jewellery, which lends itself perfectly to multiple placements. We’re always adding to our collection of piercing jewellery and are excited to announce the development of jewellery for rook and daith piercings, which will launch later this year.

If you’re dealing with multiple ear piercings, how do you curate a good balance of jewellery?

Our piercer’s priority with any Ear Alchemy project is to create balance with styling that is unique to your anatomy and aesthetic. Whilst traditional ear piercing styling has been focused on symmetry, we love experimenting with the distinct styling of each ear, highlighting different features with diamonds, opals and other precious stones and motifs.

To ensure your body isn’t overwhelmed throughout the healing process, we can conduct up to three piercings per appointment. It’s important to be patient, some piercings can take up to a year to heal, so we recommend curating your jewellery over time.

For more first-time piercing advice, head here.

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