Putting Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde duo to the test


Not all toners are made equal.

It takes all of three seconds to look at my very brunette roots to realise I am a very fake blonde. This is the third time in my life I’m taking bleach blonde for a spin, and if I could snap my fingers and change my genetic coding to blonde I absolutely would. But this isn’t The Sims and we don’t all get what we want, so my best bet is my colourist and a good toning shampoo. 

When it comes to toning shampoo, I’ve been around the block. Having naturally porous hair with copper undertones means I can’t exist between salon visits without it. If you didn’t know, porous hair can mean that toning shampoos ‘grab’ onto your hair, leaving you with purple patches. It also means your hair struggles to retain moisture. Obviously going bleach blonde wasn’t the best choice if I wanted healthy hair, but here we are and I have big demands when it comes to toning products. 

Evo recently released a new Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo to partner its pre-existing Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment. Promising something different from “your grandma’s purple shampoo and conditioner”, I gave the power duo a chance. 

Used together or alone, the shampoo promises to tone quickly and evenly, while the treatment soaks your hair for an extra toning boost with the benefit of a nourishing treatment to soften and condition hair. The Colour Booster is made without sulfates or parabens, and both products are gluten-free and tested on humans.

Did I mention it’s vegan?

I am a self-admitted sucker for good packaging, and like all Evo products before it, the Fabuloso range is undoubtedly cute as hell. It also smells really nice. I find really perfumed products nauseating, so it was a pleasant surprise to find they’ve hit that sweet spot between fruity and floral, without leaving me feeling like I’ve been punched in the nose (to put it bluntly).

The treatment has been part of the Fabuloso range for a while now, however, the shampoo is a new release. Both ask you to apply on wet hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse. They also instruct you wear gloves to avoid staining your skin. This is information I discovered post-use but I’m happy to report the staining doesn’t last – an extra hand wash and you’re good to go. 

Frankly, until now, my hair has made a noise when I scrunch it. So I was thrilled to run my fingers through my hair after using the duo and find no snags, even while it was wet. Post-wash, condition-wise my hair is lighter and softer to the touch. I haven’t had my hair thinned out recently, so I’ve been dealing with more volume than I’d care for. However, the treatment has reduced my frizz dramatically. 

Full disclosure, I was left with some purple residue. But this is expected on a first-time application, it takes a few goes to find your perfect combination in relation to the amount used and soaking time. I’m not stressed by this, most toners leave some kind of residue on my hair, but for the first time, it’s very minimal and oddly even? Instead of congealing in one spot or my drier ends, I have a faint overall hue that I don’t doubt will fade with ‘regular’ shampoo applications. Like most toning products, both are recommended for use once a week at a maximum to avoid really turning yourself a shade of Violet Beauregarde. That’s good advice I’d say. 

If you’re on a tight budget and prefer not to commit to both at once, the addition of either the shampoo or treatment alone will still give you results. But right now and for a limited time you can buy them as a set, and score the second product for half price. So if you’re looking to kick your old toning shampoo to the curb or add some extra nourishment to your bleached blonde routine, the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde duo is one I’d recommend.

Get it here.


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