YouTube reveals augmented reality to virtually try on makeup

Images via Ian Dooley/Unsplash

Words by Anthony Graetz

Welcome to the future.

YouTube has announced a new augmented reality feature which will allow users to virtually try on make-up at the same time as they’re watching, for example, a beauty blogger’s review.

The platform revealed the feature, titled AR Beauty Try On, early last week. And if you’re slightly confused as to how it all works, allow us to explain.  

Similar to a Snapchat feature, your face will be displayed on selfie mode donning the same beauty product as is being shown online. If you’re digging your new look, a link will be available which takes you to the company’s purchase cart.

MAC Cosmetics will be the first company to launch a campaign with the platform and utilise augmented reality to sell products.

AR analysist, Eleftheria Kouri, stated in a press release that “consumers’ curiosity with augmented reality as a new technology means more time being spent virtually trying the product.”

“We’re more likely to purchase a product with guidance from a YouTuber we trust, than we are from a sales assistant in-store,” Kouri said.

YouTube has announced the new feature will launch in the summertime, aka our Aussie winter. Seeing as we’re already braving the cold, expect to virtually try on make-up soon.

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