5 Australian creatives show us how they style knee-high boots


I love knee-high boots and I cannot lie.

I am here to tell you – it is my mission today – that the knee-high boot is the new power suit. The new power anything really, because there is nothing more satisfying than clomping into a room (I love to clomp, it’s my favourite way to get around) and knowing you look boot scootin’. Too much?

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In all seriousness, I’ve been obsessed since Bottega Veneta’s famous lug boots took over my entire Instagram feed. The iterations of the knee-high boot since have only gotten better (and more affordable), with some of my favourite local brands offering up their own version.

Below, I asked five Australian creatives to show me how they style their knee high boots because a) I’m short on outfit ideas and b) I’m nosy. Please enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Georgah Crane, model and beekeeper

The perfect knee-high boots are an elusive unicorn – they must have the right shape, the right chunkiness to the heel and be tall but not too tall (particularly if you are on the shorter side like myself). After searching forever, my perfect pair has finally come into my life and now that the weather has turned cooler, they’re all I want to wear.

These are the Tammy Boot from Aeyde and I love them because the leather is so soft yet structured and the chunky rubber sole is so sturdy. I’ve been wearing them with shorts and a baggy jumper, or sometimes a mini dress with a long heavy wool coat over the top. You could also do the Princess Di and wear them tucked into jeans with a shirt and blazer.


Arielle Richards, journalist and content creator

I love how a new style of knee high boots starts trending every winter! Mine are more calf-length, so I’ve paired them with some knee high socks over tights to add dimension. This layering on the bottom is hot – looks good and feels warmer than just plain tights, allowing me to feel comfy wearing a skirt in winter despite what people may say [laughs].

I’ve pared the look down with a black mock neck long sleeve (worn inside out because the print on the other side didn’t work and exposed seams are hot right now, which means it’s never been a better time to wear your clothes inside out!). For a pop of colour and intrigue, I’m wearing my tie dress as a skirt. It was handmade by my best friend Kat of @shopureobsession out of recycled ties. The Telfar was the perfect colour to tie it all in! And of course, I have my arm warmers for chaotic cosy energy.


Joely Malcolm, model and content creator

I got my first pair of knee high boots at the start of this year and they’ve made my outfits so much cooler ever since! Knee high boots are the easiest way to take an outfit to the next level and [make it] look like you put in so much effort, when in reality you just slipped them on. My ultimate combo is a mini skirt or dress with my green knee highs, but I wear my black and white pairs just as often.


Jasmin Amma, model and social worker

I absolutely love knee high boots, they’re comfortable, practical and so sleek. I enjoy the nostalgic ’90s feel, particularly with a square toe and chunky block heel. They’re a staple in my wardrobe, all year round. My favourite way to style them is with skirts and dresses with bare legs, or [with] tights in the colder months. I love how strong and sexy I feel in them. Elevates a look with ease! This pair is from Zomp.


Prue Raisbeck, model and content creator

I absolutely adore knee-high boots and truly believe that they have the magic ability to elevate any outfit into a memorable one. I already have about five pairs and don’t see the collection stopping any time soon. The pair I’m wearing in this photo are my absolute favourites (don’t tell the others). I got them from Asos a year or two ago and they have not disappointed. For this outfit, I just paired them with one of my favourite staple dresses from Lioness and a gold Mejuri necklace.


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