A Danish startup invents underwear you don’t need to wash for weeks

Image via Organic Basics
Words by Tara Smith

We feel slightly conflicted.

In the win for the environment, and apparently personal hygiene, a Danish start-up has invented underwear that you don’t need to wash for weeks.

Yep, weeks.

Organic Basics has launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote its collection, Silvertech 2.0. According to the brand, its range of underwear, tees, socks and towels is naturally anti-microbial, due to a silver treatment used during production.

This silver treatment kills 99.9% of all bacteria and fungi, controlling odour and limiting the need to wash. Turns out NASA uses silver as a method of purifying water at the International Space Station, which sounds pretty legit.

That’s not the best part either. All products from the Silvertech 2.0 range are made from 100 per cent recycled nylon, complete with moisture-wicking fabric, thermodynamic technology and breathable mesh for sweat reduction.

The aim is to reduce the detrimental effect the fashion industry has on the environment, starting with the consumer wash cycle.

At this stage, the Kickstarter campaign is skewed towards a men’s offering, but considering Organic Basics already caters for women in its existing lines, an expansion looks hopeful.

Pledges start at around $38. You can do so here.


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