adidas launches new Ultraboost 20 silhouette and sends shoes to space

Words by Olivia Hart

Time for take-off.

Bored with your regular training routine? adidas wants you to shake things up by training for a space mission instead. The Train Like an Astronaut program will be launched alongside the brand’s new Ultraboost 20 this December. 

The workout focuses on posture, resilience, and aims to prepare the nervous system for the gruelling demands of zero gravity through intensity training, while the new space-inspired silhouette is designed to emulate the cosmos. 

But if you’re busy training, adidas might beat you to space. The shoe company has announced plans to send Boost technology on a NASA mission to the orbiting International Space Station for development of future products.

Without gravity as a basic distraction, scientists will conduct studies on the Boost moulding material that they hope will further enhance the design.

adidas Ultraboost will be available from December 6.


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