A:LIST Footwear is proving you don’t need leather to make a great pair of shoes

While leather shoes have long been considered the be-all and end-all of quality footwear, a rising call for vegan alternatives has proven this isn’t necessarily the case.

A:LIST Footwear is a Melbourne label giving options to those who are calling for them, committed to creating vegan footwear for under $100.

No animal products are used in the production of any of the brand’s shoes, across materials, dyes and glues. Instead, styles utilise microsuede, woven textiles, linen and corduroy, as well as a vegan leather substitute for leather-look products. Details come in the form of off-beat buckles – think an oversized tortoiseshell buckle on a pair of natural linen slides – and delicate lengths of chain.

Sustainability standards extend to all packaging, too, thanks to compostable postbags and shoeboxes made from recycled cardboard that can be easily and responsibly disposed of at home.

A:LIST’s offering for Summer 2019 is launching this week, including a wide variety of styles like sandals, mules, heels and boots, all inspired by the strong, minimalist culture of social media.

With this in mind, a majority of the available colourways are designed to act as wardrobe staples. But you’ll also find pops of colour in the brand’s most popular silhouettes.


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