An anonymous artist is turning luxury fashion into penises

Images via Dick Worldwide
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

The internet is a strange place.

If you’re a fan of weird and fascinating Instagram accounts, we recommend checking out Dick Worldwide.

An anonymous fashion lover from China has spent the last couple of months designing penises modelled after popular luxury pieces.

Some dicks are inspired by sneakers, while others take their form from handbags or lipstick cases.

The process of creating these fashion phalluses is more involved than you’d think. It starts with hunting through past and upcoming releases for the right sources of inspiration.

“They have to look great as dicks,” the page’s founder told Hypebae. If the form and materials of the designer piece don’t mesh with the dick’s shape, the project is a no go.

Things that apparently do work as penises include Commes des Garçons Converse sneakers, Off White bags and Lacoste polo shirts.

Apparently, the meaning of the page is super layered. One interpretation suggested by the artist is that “high fashion can turn us into dicks”. There’s also a connection to the beloved Big Dick Energy meme – specifically how owning a killer luxury piece can be an instant BDE boost.

But commentary on the industry aside, there’s clearly something in the concept of fashion dicks that speaks to the giggling juvenile in all of us.

“I genuinely just want people to laugh,” says the creator, “but if I can make people think too, that’s amazing.”

If Dick Worldwide’s work really speaks to you, you can treat yourself to a Gucci dick bumbag, a Marc Jacobs dick swimsuit, or Nike dick skate deck online.



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