Here’s how Australian boutique Tuchuzy is choosing to make sustainability a priority



Unpacking the responsibility of a fashion buyer in 2021.

The 25-year-strong Bondi fashion powerhouse Tuchuzy is making a conscious decision to reprogram its sustainability initiatives, while admitting meaningful change does not happen overnight.

With a new Tuchuzy cohort of buyers, digital experts and in-store retail professionals, the curated shop has refined its tactics to make sustainability a priority when working with already established partners and selecting new brands to stock. 

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For Australian brands that house a variety of local and international designer labels, buyers are the gatekeepers of what comes in and what stays out. “From a buyer’s perspective, it’s important to guide and challenge prospective brands we partner with from a sustainable and ethical standpoint. We have a responsibility to make better choices,” says Tuchuzy’s Head of Buying, Nataschia Holland.

The store’s Head of eCommerce and Digital, Courtney O’Sullivan-Shade, explains the second step in this two-pronged sustainability shift is educating the consumer on the labels in the Tuchuzy trove. “It’s not just for sustainability’s sake. This education piece is so important. Us as shoppers have become astutely aware of what we purchase and what we’re looking for in clothing,” she says.

“Sustainability has become such a focus for us. Bassike really set a precedent in the Australian market, and a number of Copenhagen brands we stock have shown us how it’s done.”

Tuchuzy’s shift demonstrates just how vital it is to ensure the internal team and behind-the-scenes buyers behind a legacy brand have values that align with the business’ ethos. 

Tuchuzy’s own-label Chosen by Tuchuzy is undergoing production development to debut a number of organic cottons and more sustainable yarns. While made in China, the Australian team works closely with the offshore factory, refining the garments against new standards.

“As much as we’re here doing a job, Tuchuzy’s sustainability education (via socials, email newsletters and internal initiatives) is important to each of us individually. It’s a matter of us merging our personal beliefs and morals and industry standards, evolving and combining the two to work as one,” says Courtney.

One of the most exciting brands Tuchuzy has just picked up is House of Sunny, a UK-based brand lauded for being at the forefront of sustainable practices.

“Every touchpoint with House of Sunny is conscious and executed in such a beautiful way. Us as buyers view collections the same time as customers do, and they produce only two seasonal collections a year, setting the design team at a slower pace [which] allows them to research and source sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods,” Nataschia explains.

And in particularly exciting news, the buying team at Tuchuzy is working closely with House of Sunny to bring out a crop of exclusive styles, and will be the first Australian retailer to do so. 

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