The items these Australian creatives will wear forever


Forever and always.

I was 10 the first time I tried on a pair of Converse, and it was love at first lace. While I’ve cycled through numerous pairs over the years (never forget the hot pink pair with DIY sharpie scrawlings I favoured during my emo phase), the shoe has never lost its charm. The Chuck Taylor 70, which was reissued in 2013, has been a staple of my wardrobe throughout my twenties.

When you think of cherished items in your wardrobe, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is something one-of-a-kind – an outlandish coat you picked up at a market overseas, a pair of earrings passed down your family through the generations, or a prohibitively expensive vintage designer dress. And while pieces like these have a special place in my closet (and my heart), I can’t look past the Chuck Taylor, particularly in the iconic cream colourway with the red and navy piping.

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I’m not the first to wax lyrical about this shoe – it’s been the shoe of choice for artists and subcultures around the world for decades – but seeing Timmy C don a pair for this year’s Met Gala, describing his look as an “ode to Chuck Taylor”, solidified the enduring nature of this style for a whole new generation. It’s a shoe that exists outside the trend cycle, and in a time when TikTok micro trends turn over so fast you could blink and miss it, there’s something reassuring about a steady, reliable pair of Converse. I would argue that they look good on practically everyone, and no matter your sartorial preferences, they would be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

And while it’s not like I’ll be able to own the exact same pair my entire life, I wear them to death before replacing them and purchase the exact same style each time. When I break down how much wear I get out of this shoe, and how great I feel in them, they practically pay for themselves many times over. I’m averse to anything too trend-driven, and will always opt for a classic ’70s-aesthetic when in doubt, so even in my twilight years, I know I’ll never be without a cream Chuck. Curious to know what pieces evoke such devotion in others, I asked four creatives to reveal the item they’ll never be without.

Madeline Sills, boutique manager

One of my most cherished fashion pieces-to-date would have to be my Miu Miu ballerina lace-up flats. They’re denim with black leather straps and have black and white gingham ribbons which can be tied up for an exaggerated look or completely taken off for a more casual vibe. They hold a special place in my heart as I purchased them when I was visiting New York for the first time two years ago and it brings a sense of nostalgia when I reminisce back to that special time.

My Miu Mius are iconic, versatile, fun and instantly make me feel elevated as soon as I put them on – even if I’m feeling super lazy and pair them with my Adidas trackies and a hoodie for the day. I couldn’t imagine parting ways with them, even if my style is constantly changing, these cuties won’t date for me and I’ll be wearing them five years from now.


Ben Ilobuchi, freelance writer

The one fashion item in my possession that I truly can’t live without would probably be my Casio AQ-230GA-9DMQYES (catchy name). Around the time I got it, I had been on the lookout for a classy looking gold-tone watch, but they were either prohibitively expensive or looked like something a 45-year-old club-owner would wear. I had avoided looking at Casios because I only really thought of them as digital watches, so I only found the Casio AQ-230GA-9DMQYES by accident while scrolling through ASOS. It was love at first sight.

It’s got a super interesting look to it but it’s still quite understated and it’s sturdy which is perfect because I have the spatial awareness of someone who was recently concussed. But the thing I love most about it is that it’s both analogue and digital. When I want to feel smart, I read the analogue but when that fails (because I’m drunk usually) there’s a sort of ‘cheat-sheet’ down the bottom.


Laura Miano, sexologist and founder of sex toy concept store Posmo

My most cherished item of clothing (or footwear rather) would have to be my Chanel thigh-high leather sandals. I scored these at a press sale in Paris and although I only get them out for particular occasions, they are an item I will never ever part with. They are far too special. For me, my favourite pieces of clothing are those that are the most outlandish. Spending lots of money on something that ‘goes with everything’ is very against my fashion morals. The crazier the better. So I love these because they are slightly insane, go with not much, but are incredibly cool. I always know I’m in a fun/silly mood when I decide to get these out for the day.


Zeïna Thiboult, filmmaker and designer

It’s so special that as humans we can form attachments to inanimate objects. If I find a coat at an op shop and I like it, I spiritually write my name all over it. Then I wear it and it brings me comfort, confidence and the sense that I’m in control. I decide to wear it, I decide to keep it and I decide to get rid of it. Living between two countries, I’ve moved around so much and I’ve lost a lot of my possessions along the way. Even as a kid, my parents’ divorce meant that I had two wardrobes… and two personas. I’ve tried not to get too attached to the things I own fearing that I’d be sad if I ever lost them.

But, I have to admit that I’ve found it: I found the ‘piece I’ll wear forever’, ‘the item I’ll never get rid of’. It’s something I made and something I’m very proud of. Something so special that I don’t feel like it’s mine but rather, I feel like it’s part of me. Something I simply can’t get rid of because it made its mark in my life. In the hours I’ve spent drawing, trying, failing, making, painting and sculpting. Through physical scars and sentimental significance, it has marked me. It’s my hair sculpture, my ponytail holder, my wooden scrunchy. It brings me joy and excitement when I think about it and its sole material is as old as the world: wood. That’s what makes it timeless for me. That’s the piece I’ll wear forever.


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