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For a relatively small country, Australia has a wealth of fashion talent, be it designers, stylists, makeup artists, set designers, creative directors, models, writers or photographers. At Fashion Journal, we have a particular soft spot for fashion photography, being a fashion publication and all.

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A big part of our jobs is looking at images, so it would be fair to say we have a pretty solid understanding of what separates a good fashion photographer from a great fashion photographer. And because we like sharing, our team has collated a list of our favourite Australian (and a few Kiwi) photographers for you, so you can follow them too. This is an ever-growing list, so check back for regular updates.

Daphne Nguyen

It might sound strange without having seen her portfolio, but Daphne’s approach to photography is a balance of striking and gentle. Her work doesn’t command your attention but still manages to draw you in; it’s all very intriguing. Her eye has led her to work on campaigns for some of FJ’s favourite labels (All is a Gentle Spring, Song for the Mute and Par Femme) and she recently landed a campaign with Nike. Setting Daphne apart is also her ability to shoot inanimate objects just as well as she captures talent.


Rob Tennent


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Cambodian-born, New Zealand-based photographer Rob Tennent is a man of many talents. A multidisciplinary artist, he specialises in intimate film photography and creative direction and has worked with a who’s who of Australasian fashion, including labels like Paris Georgia, Wynn Hamlyn and Suku Home.


Victoria Zschommler

No stranger to Fashion Journal, Victoria’s affinity for art and culture is at the core of her work. Her considered approach to colour composition and textural balance is highlighted through her unique exploration of light and shape through still life, fashion and art photography.


Jason Henley


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Sydney-based photographer Jason Henley has a natural aptitude for capturing fashion in a fun, vibrant way. He’s worked with an impressive laundry list of fashion brands and publications (like us!), and his personality-filled photography will be a welcome addition to your feed.


Jordan Drysdale


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A unique eye for capturing the essence and intimacy of the human form, Jordan’s work is filled with natural landscapes, striking faces and bold artworks. With an impressive portfolio spanning from Dion Lee to Adidas, he’s definitely one to watch.


Hayley Millar Baker

Since graduating with a master of fine arts from RMIT 2017, Gundijtmara woman Hayley Millar Baker has carved her niche in semi-autobiographical photography that embraces culture, identity and memory. Her often monochromatic work explores the role our identities play in translating and converting our experiences.


Ellen Virgona


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Ellen’s theatrical and playful portfolio evokes a sense of nostalgia through her thoughtful use of soft lighting and warm hues. With a keen eye for finding beauty in the world around her, it’s no surprise she’s made a name for herself in the Australian fashion scene. We’re currently eyeing off this dreamy sweatshirt featuring one of Ellen’s screen printed shots.


Jo Duck


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Melbourne photographer Jo Duck’s work has a playful feel to it and is inspired by interesting colour combinations, cinematography and strangers. She works across fashion editorial and commercial photography, and her work has been featured in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, i-D and Doing Bird Magazine.


Jess Brohier


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Jess is one of those rare talents that has managed to create her own visual language successfully. It’s easy to spot her work and know it’s hers, as she has a real knack for bringing both movement and emotion to her imagery. A mark of a strong photographer is an ability to shoot in studio without props and bring their images to life, and Jess has proven she can do that time and time again. She’s also a clever businesswoman, recently launching her own studio and creative agency, Alt-House, and one of the nicest people you’ll meet.


Zac Bayly


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Melbourne photographer Zac Bayly has worked for pretty much every fashion brand and publication you can think of. He even caught the eye of Bottega Veneta earlier this year and went on to feature in the label’s digital journal (impressive stuff). When he’s not working with the crème de la crème of the fashion world, he’s getting up at the crack of dawn to shoot local labels and talent in a way that’s sexy yet authentic, and working on his very cool food and fashion zine, Fffzine.


Saskia Wilson


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Sydney-based photographer Saskia Wilson has a knack for capturing the beautifully authentic moments in between. In her signature soft Australiana colour scheme, Saskia photographs almost-smiles, wilting plants and passing patches of sun. With clients like Nike, Vogue and Dion Lee, her account is a marriage of fashion and art.


James J Robinson


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James has been a friend of FJ since he first found his feet in this industry and it’s been incredible to watch his success from the ground up. A skilled photographer with an admirable work ethic, he was quick to be snapped up as an industry favourite. As a result, he’s been trusted by the world’s leading titles to shoot talent like Kylie Jenner, Sydney Sweeney and Vanessa Hudgens. Some of his best work, however, comes out of his personal projects shooting friends and family around themes close to his heart.


Lauren Bamford


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A little unconventional and always very cool, Lauren’s work is fun and provocative. Follow her for collaborations with Melbourne favourites like Underground Sundae, Madison by Madison and Slow Waves.


Nina Fitzgerald


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While Nina might not define herself solely as a photographer (she also dabbles in creative direction, curation and writing), she undoubtedly knows how to capture a beautiful photo. A proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman, Nina’s photos celebrate the beauty of her culture and connection to country.


Agnieska Chabros


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Poland-born, Melbourne-based photographer Agnieszka Chabros is the photographer and director at model management and creative agency People. Merging the world of fashion and fine art, her portraits are expressive and illuminating.


Ted Min


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We were introduced to Ted Min while he was still at university at the behest of fellow Melbourne photographer Zac Bayly, who insisted Ted was one to watch in fashion photography. Zac, of course, was correct. Ted’s work is brilliant. He brings a wry (and sometimes wicked) humour to his photography, and has a creative eye that will see him go very, very far in this industry.


Natasha Killeen


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Tash is a true creative talent, whose abilities span beyond photography. She’s also a creative director, producer and the editor of Lobster – a magazine you could argue is a snapshot into the brilliance of Tash’s creative mind. Her work is objectively vibrant and fun, but still very ‘fashion’ if you catch our drift. It’s the kind of photography that makes you want to dive headfirst into the visual world she’s built.


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