Australian label Girl and the Sun’s new collection brings the Amalfi Coast to you


Meet the capsule collection that will cure your winter blues. 

With three years of wages from my high school Macca’s job in one pocket and the blissful naivety that could only be possessed by a fresh 18-year-old in the other, I set off on the trip of a lifetime (or at least that’s what the brochure said) and spent three months galavanting around every corner of Europe. 

To this day, I haven’t forgotten the euphoric feeling of waking up in a new city every week and perpetually having salt and sand in my hair after long days spent at the beach. It’s something I’ve thought about daily during the mundanity of my lockdown days. Did someone say self-inflicted torture? 

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In the spirit of escapism and bringing back that holiday spark (I know you know the one), Australian label Girl and the Sun has kindly decided to help us out. Enter its latest collection, designed in collaboration with laidback Gold Coast influencer, Kayla Gane

Taking inspiration from lazy days by the water and balmy summer nights, Kayla’s key goal was to create a collection of pieces that “every woman [could] feel beautiful in”. 

The range features flowy sundresses in droves, co-ord sets and a throw-over cardigan – all of which will be making an appearance in my post-lockdown suitcase. As for colour, think beige neutrals and muted blush and sage tones.

“I found those sorts of colours suit a lot of people for the most part and they’re quite muted, so you can make it your own style. For example, if you’re quite a colourful person, you can add some things to that or if you’re a neutral person, you can keep it quite basic,” Kayla explains. 

The neutrals also make these garments trans-seasonal wardrobe staples, so you can wear them on repeat (how’s that for cost per wear?)

For an easy day-to-night switch, Kayla recommends “let[ting] the piece speak for itself and just wear[ing] a simple nude sandal or a basic white or nude hat for a daytime look. Then for nighttime, a white statement boot, which looks really nice with the polka dots in the dresses. You can try add[ing] a jacket if it’s a bit cooler, or you can add a cardigan which is really cute with some of the dresses and maybe a darker hat.” 

Another bonus? Kayla’s capsule collection has been designed to flatter a range of body types, boasting an impressive size range of XS to XXL. 

“I’m a size 14 and I could fit into a large for most of [the range], so it’s very generous with the sizing. I feel like a lot of brands still struggle with that, so I’m proud our collection has been able to go up to that,” Kayla shares. And with that, I’m off to start my holiday wish list. 

Feast your eyes on Kayla’s Girl and the Sun collection here.

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