Balenciaga has released yet another series of extra grocery bags

Words by Nikki Escalante

If you err on the side of extra. 

If your Kris Kringle likes grocery shopping and you have a budget of $1200, Balenciaga’s new capsule might have something for you.

The powerhouse has followed up its $1500 shopping bag with series of three supermarket grocery bags, dubbed ‘Supermarket Shoppers.’

Made of lambskin leather, each one features a spin on your usual disposable plastic carry and a unique print.

The Sirop green/gold bag is accentuated by the famous double B logo. The white bag includes a blue and yellow ‘The Power of Dreams’ print. Meanwhile, the red leather addition has the word ‘Europe’ stamped in black font.

If you err on the side of extra and get a kick from designer supermarket bags, you can shop the range over at Balenciaga.

Prices start at $1262 AUD.


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