Beyoncé is taking over Vogue’s September issue

Image via Beyoncé/Facebook
Words by Tara Smith

All hail Queen B.

According to reports, Beyoncé has been given ‘unprecedented control’ over the cover of Vogue’s September issue.

Anyone who has ever picked up Vogue (read: everyone) will know that Anna Wintour rules the publication with an iron fist. Therefore, it’s a pretty big deal that she’s temporarily handing the reigns over to Beyoncé.

As the September issue’s cover star, it’s rumoured that Beyoncé will have complete control over the cover, her photos inside the magazine and their accompanying captions. According to the Huffington Post, sources say cover subjects are usually given little to no say in their photos, receiving the cover a week ahead of its publish date.

Queen B has also made history by hiring the first black photographer to shoot a cover in Vogue’s 126-year history. Yes, you read that correctly.

23-year-old Tyler Mitchell was given the opportunity to shoot the cover star. He has previously shot campaigns for the likes of Givenchy and Marc Jacobs.

Beyoncé hasn’t appeared on a Vogue September issue cover since 2015, when she famously bucked the trend of participating in an interview. It’s been reported that she won’t have an interview in the 2018 edition either.


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