Blondey McCoy’s translucent adidas Originals collab is reselling for $3k

Words by Fashion Journal

So he’s dropping a new colourway.

It’s a strange world we live in, where humans can’t detect robo-play without the help of other robots.

British skater, model and fashion designer Blondey McCoy learnt that the hard way when the limited edition collaboration he launched with adidas earlier this month sold out instantly. Of the 200 pairs produced, 50 were purchased by automated bots. The shoes are now selling for UK size 8.5 $3183 Australian dollars on the re-sale website StockX.

McCoy took to Instagram to inform followers and fans that a new colourway would be dropping soon, and to apologise for the lack of protections on the THAMES webstore against automated purchases.

According to the designer, the bot orders were rendered void and won’t be filled.

The new colourway for the Autre Superstar will host a transparent polyurethane upper, black leather tongue and rubber sole.

The new drop of Autre Superstar will be released January 8 and will be available here.


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