Blundstone has released a ‘Heritage’ collection inspired by styles from the 1950s and 1870s


150 years in the making.

Long-lived Australian brand Blundstone is celebrating its rich and successful history with a new Heritage collection that reinvents its most iconic designs. The family-run company has been kicking since 1870, when it was first established in Hobart. Designed to last in rough natural environments, Blundstone boots have earned a reputation for quality and sturdiness.

Joint CEO Adam Blake says of the brand’s ability to keep its grip in the industry, “The success of Blundstone is that we have always remained true to our heritage. Blundstone boots were born tough to weather the untamed terrain of our home, Tasmania.”

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And while the boots are now just as popular with tradies, hip Brunswick types and everyday Joes as the outdoorsy folks wearing them 150 years ago, theyre still made just as tough. This means top-notch leather sourced from tanneries endorsed by the Leather Working Group – a global body that champions ethical, environmentally-friendly leather production – and quality construction that holds up against years of wear.

For the Heritage series, the brand delved into its own archive to find styles that deserved a second life. The idea was to merge the old and the new, keeping everything thats made Blundstone so great for so long and giving it a gently modern touch.

Blundstone’s Global Range Manager, Joe Carfora, called the range “an opportunity to bring in elements and practices of the past 150 years to honour and acknowledge the designers that came before [him]”.

To deliver on its promise of quality, the brand has carefully thought out every aspect of these bootsdesign. Their exterior and lining are made from premium leather, while the soles are made using Goodyear welts. This construction method involves stitching the sole and upper together in a way that allows the boots to be easily resoled down the track, meaning you can keep wearing them for longer. An inner layer of cork also adds extra comfort by breaking down with wear and moulding to the shape of your foot.

The first of these Heritage styles is the military-inspired 151, with a sleek shape and classic lace-up silhouette. It really ties back to our history,” explains Carfora.Its a modern interpretation of the styles we manufactured for the Australian army in the 1950s and 60s. Its a classic look that goes with everything in your wardrobe and works in any scenario.”

Also included in the range are two Chelsea style boots – the 152 for men and 153 for women – that draw on the brands original (and now iconic) 500 design. Both pull-on styles are made on bespoke moulds to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

Although these styles are thoroughly modern and wouldn’t be out of place in any 2021 wardrobe, their historic inspiration points and use of archival details cement the collection as a clever celebration of the brand’s legacy.

Carfora says of the decision to make a range playing on archive designs, “These boots are for the avid fans of Blundstone. Theyre for those insiders who want a piece of Blundstone history, modernised for the 21st century.”

The Heritage series is available online and from select retailers now.

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