Bobby Universe puts mental health front and centre

Words by Tess Macallan

Fashion, but make it responsible.

After studying Fashion & Textile Merchandising at RMIT, Emma Rosenhain spent four years working in the fashion industry in London and Melbourne. She founded her own label, Bobby Universe, on the living room floor of her parents’ house.

Using a 200-year-old process, Bobby Universe creates high-quality leather handbags. The artisan styles come in classic, minimalist designs, and are made to last.

Aside from creating beautiful handbags, Rosenhain also uses her label to highlight awareness around mental health among the females.

A video series on the store’s website – ‘Be You’ – features clips showing discussions with influential women who inspire Rosenhain, such as Australian ballet dancer Natasha Kusen. The conversations seek to continue an open conversation between prominent public women and the relationships they have with emotional wellbeing.

The brand has a partnership with Beyond Blue, with proceeds from every sale going towards the organisation. And the Booby Universe team is entirely female-led.

Bobby Universe’s social consciousness also extends to the brand’s emphasis on sustainable practices.

Each bag is crafted using Indian leather that is strictly a byproduct of the meat industry, so no animals are harmed for the material. It has also been chosen for its durability as leather biodegrades much faster than synthetic materials.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the next collection, due to be released later this month.


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