Break into the modelling industry with this sweet hand modelling gig for Sarah & Sebastian

Image via Sarah & Sebastian
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

“Because I’m a hand model, mama!”

Who here has ever caught themselves admiring a fresh manicure or applying hand cream and thought, “Wow, I have really nice hands. I should be a hand model”?

Sarah & Sebastian has what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all the long-fingered, smooth-palmed or cuticly-blessed hand owners out there.

The local jewellery brand put out an Instagram casting call yesterday for a Sydney-based hand model.

Obviously this is a big deal and every man and his dog will be flexing their fingers to score the job.

To try your hand at the gig, just send a clear (and hopefully flattering) picture of your mitts to press@sarahandsebastian.com


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