Calvin Klein 205W39NYC releases a varsity collection

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Words by Aurelia Alimansjah

Team spirit.

If American football-inspired heels and totes that look like basketballs are your thing, then today is your lucky day. Calvin Klein’s just released its 205W39NYC Pre-Spring 2019 collection, inspired by pastimes and gathering points of American youth. Think group sporting events, frats and sororities, camp, college and prom.

Taking that idea one step further, the brand’s partnered with the University of California, Berkeley and Yale, using their logos and emblems in a true ode to the American spirit.

The collection also combines the bright, sporty aesthetic of college merch with looks reminiscent of mid-century haute couture. It includes pieces like a turtleneck evening gown and quilted jackets made from antique sleeping bags.

Check it out above.


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