What the FJ editors are saving for this month 

Words by Giulia Brugliera

Some sartorial inspiration for your week.

My spare time these days is spent doing yoga around my apartment, drinking and adding to a series of online shopping carts. I have so many on the go, I’ve lost count. 

To me, online shopping is an exercise in fantasy, similar to watching Real Housewives or Getaway. It’s an escape into another world in which I’m excessively rich, well-dressed and out of lockdown. But soon the realities of life grip me. I proceed to payment and realise whoops, I actually don’t have that much money to spend on a pair of fuchsia mules. 

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It’s not because I’m bad at saving. I am forever transferring money into a ‘do not touch’ account, before apologising to my barista that I don’t have $4 sitting in my everyday access because ‘Sorry !!!! I’m a bit of an overzealous saver !!!!’.  

Maybe it’s a symptom of working in fashion, but as soon as my savings start to look healthy, some sort of bizarre mental gymnastics tells my brain that I can start shopping again. And I do. I don’t buy lots (maybe three to five pieces a year) but I somehow manage to spend lots.

So as life gets more serious, I’ve been searching for ways to curb my spending habits, working with (and not against) my fatal savings flaws. One particular platform has been good for that. Called Cashrewards, it’s an Australian shopping platform that allows buyers to earn money back on purchases made through the app. Before buying direct from a retailer, if you click through via Cashrewards, you can start to earn a percentage cashback. The amount will differ between retailers, but its nothing to sniff at. 

The app also offers a browser notifier that alerts you to cashback opportunities as you shop online, so you don’t have to keep remembering to head back to the Cashrewards home page. It also keeps across other offers by the retailer, so you can stack your savings, if you’re that way inclined. 

Working in the fashion industry, I’m often skeptical of third-party shopping platforms as they tend to partner exclusively with mass-reach retailers. I know many of my colleagues (and me included) prefer to support small business, buying from smaller retailers and brands where we can. On this front, Cashrewards has a really nice mix.

I got a little excited after discovering the platform and shared it among the FJ team, wanting to see what everyone is saving for and whether we could funnel it through the app. To our shared joy, most of what we’re eyeing off is available through Cashrewards. We’ve listed our wishlist purchases below so you can get a better glimpse of the platform (noting there are plenty of other retailers listed). If you think it might be right for you, you can download Cashrewards here.

Ella, Fashion Journal’s Account Manager 

Rejina Pyo Alix top from Net-A-Porter

If there’s one thing I’ve really learnt about myself these past 12 months as a self-proclaimed lockdown veteran, it’s that I am a sucker for a good mood-lifting outfit. And as a proud Scorpio gal, it’s only natural that from July 31 onwards my mind is steadfastly fixated on springtime shenanigans. This Rejina Pyo top ticks both those boxes. The vivid print is playful yet understated, while the asymmetrical silhouette creates textural interest – a great layering piece for those cooler spring nights.

Find it at Net-A-Porter via Cashrewards for up to 10% cashback. 

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

Like most, I spent much of the past month with eyes fixated on my TV in a state of marvel (and occasional envy), watching our Olympians do us proud. One Wednesday evening, with a pizza in one hand and a wine in the other, I swiftly decided it was time to get back into running (not that I was ever really in it, but you get me). These Nike Air Zooms are the perfect running shoe, with reflective detailing to shine through every run – day and night.

Find it at Nike via Cashrewards for up to 14% cashback.

Izzy, Fashion Journal’s Editorial Assistant 

Bassike Cotton Linen Turtleneck Knit

As an inner city Melbourne resident, I take my black turtlenecks very seriously. Its an integral part of the unspoken cool-creative uniform (coupled with fitted suit pants and Dr Martens, naturally). This Bassike cotton/linen blend knit is über-soft, slightly sheer and the perfect weight for transeasonal wear. The contrast stitch is a slight trend nod without being OTT and the baggy silhouette means its winter layer-approved. Knitwear is something Im never afraid to splurge on (along with bed linen, underwear and shoes) and with 5.6 per cent Cashrewards cashback, its a wardrobe no-brainer.

Find it at Bassike via Cashrewards for up to 5.6% cashback.

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Mask from Beauty Expert

My skin works against me at the best of times and with the introduction of mandatory face masks, Ive unlocked a new battle in the form of the dreaded maskneCoupled with ever-present general lockdown stresses, my face has been requiring some extra TLC to combat unwelcome blemishes.

Online beauty marketplace Beauty Expert has been my skincare saviour. Full of natural plant extract goodness, the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-blemish Mask has the calming and soothing properties Ive been desperately needing. Its so good, Id buy it full-price (not something I say often) but nabbing 7 per cent cashback via Cashrewards really sweetens the deal.

Find it at Beauty Expert via Cashrewards for up to 7% cashback.

Cait, Fashion Journal’s Digital Editor

Ganni Recycled Nylon Puffer Jacket

Vintage bomber jackets form the backbone of my wardrobe. I wear them incessantly because they work with most outfits I put together, and theyre undeniably cool and nonchalant. With this in mind, Ive been looking for a bomber that has a more modernised, updated silhouette – and ever since I saw this Ganni number, I havent stopped thinking about adding it to my wardrobe. That crew neckline combined with the subtle balloon sleeves and tech-y fabric? Yes please.

Find it at Ganni via Cashrewards for up to 5.6% cashback. 

Adidas Originals Kopenhagen Shoes

When I was 14, my dad returned from an overseas work trip bearing a particularly exciting gift: a garish, candy-coloured pair of 80s-inspired Adidas Originals high tops. Ever since, Ive been partial to a good sneaker. And while Id no longer wear the aforementioned horrendously bright pair, Adidas is still the brand that makes the silhouettes I find myself reaching for time and time again. Ive always loved the Gazelle and recently purchased the Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba collab thanks to this Vogue article which proclaimed that Adidas sneakers are the wardrobe equivalent of CeraVe”. I concur. Now Ive got my eyes on this pair; a yellow and black Kopenhagen that’s a reissue of a classic 70s style.

Find it at Adidas via Cashrewards for up to 6% cashback.

Giulia, Fashion Journal’s Managing Editor 

Christoper Esber Double Belted Trouser from The Undone 

I’ve had my eye on Christopher Esber’s Double Belted Trousers for a while now. They’re not cheap, but for context, I’ve now been wearing the same E Nolan pants almost every time I leave the house for two years – with my cost per wear so low, I figure I’m due to expand. I’m really conscious of longevity in my wardrobe, so it’s important to me that as the oversized trend fades, I can get these adjusted to a more slimline fit. Plus, the belt is removable. I consider anything from Esber an investment purchase (and rightly so), so earning a little cashback via Cashrewards certainly helps. 

Find it at The Undone via Cashrewards for up to 7% cashback. 

Bitossi Home Wine Glasses from Bed Threads 

After spending so much time in my apartment these past million months, I’ve come to resent the majority of our Ikea tableware. While I can’t quite afford to splurge on updating everything in our kitchen cabinets, I can justify investing in some nice glasses. I looked at tumblers for a while but came to my senses and have instead opted to update my wine glasses. I love this set from Bitossi, it feels social and joyful and like it’s practically begging for a dinner party. While I’ll most likely rotate through the set while drinking on the couch at 5pm, it’s nice to dream.

Find it at Bed Threads via Cashrewards for up to 6% cashback. 

Download and discover the Cashrewards app here and receive a $20 bonus when you join. 

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