Chadstone proposes a $685 million expansion

Words by Lydia Crist

Including the largest free carpark in Australia.

Melburnians can expect another lavish twist to their retail experience at the shopping centre known as the ‘Fashion Capital’ with an announcement for a $685 million upgrade. The iconic shopping centre revealed plans for five new key projects, anticipated to begin in 2021.

The move can be viewed as a natural progression with the area’s substantial population growth and the cited benefits the shopping centre has on international tourism and the local hub to Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. The upgrade will include a nine-story office building and intends to provide numerous employment opportunities.

The renovation will see Chadstone’s car park grow by 1,400 car spaces, minimising enduring parking stress for customers and making it Australia’s largest free car park.

Refreshingly, the enlargement of The Fashion Capital will not utilise any new space but will instead revive and repurpose its existing land.

The purposed upgrade, if accepted, will see shoppers living their best retail life by 2025.


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