8 Australian-made chains that Connell would approve of

Words By Tori Mathison

Men around the world are clambering to recreate some of Connell’s chain-induced hotness.

Like many people watching the television adaptation of Normal People, I had previously read the book. I thought I knew what I was signing up for when I sat down on April 27 with a glass of rosé in hand and my heart on my sleeve. 

As lockdown neared I had prepared to put my love life on pause and settle into a sort of eat, pray, self-love approach to isolation, but as soon as the credits rolled on episode one, I was ready to risk it all. 

Normal People is breaking hearts and the Internet. Its refreshing approach to love, sex, intimacy and relationships makes it get under your skin in the best possible way – more on that here – but on a far more superficial note, let’s talk about Connell’s chain. *faints* 

Perhaps the most coveted and loin-firing prop of 2020, Connell’s chain has been making headlines and has even earned itself a fan account on Instagram, which at the time of writing sits at a whopping 24,900 followers. Not bad for an inanimate object.

Interestingly, sales for chains on ASOS have gone up by 130 per cent in April alone, which I refuse to accept as a coincidence. 


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We stan Connell’s chain, the light in these dark times. Thirsty for more? 💦

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Maybe the chain’s virality can be put down to the double whammy effects of house arrest and sexual frustration, but really, when have chains ever not been hot? This is just the first time one has been featured for 12 straight episodes on a sweet, smart and shy male character who is also Irish and criminally sexy. 

So, before I lose my train of thought and find it somewhere in Ireland, here’s a line-up of some of the sexiest Australian-made chains, so you too can get in on the action (and maybe order your boyfriend one at the same time). 

James Chain, Cameron Studio

A strong contender. Holds a close resemblance to the chain in question; minimal, classic, timeless.

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Boyfriend Chain, Reliqua Collective

This gold figaro style chain is perhaps a little too glam for Connell, but it’s perfect for throwing on alone or as an everyday layering chain.

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No.38, Two Hills Jewellery

A super dainty chain, one I can imagine Connell repping for special occasions.

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Silver Didion Necklace, Holly Ryan

Perhaps too bold for Connell, but this beauty is a serious chain. With an antique-inspired design, this choker has major contemporary heirloom vibes.

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Enzo Necklace, MLD

With two styles of chain adjoined, also making it length adjustable, this chain is super versatile. Definitely can see Connell investing in one of these for his chain collection post-university.

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/27, Lott Studio

Delicate and understated, this pretty little piece is available in both silver and gold. 

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Haze Necklace, Petite Grand

A minimalist rope chain necklace for any occasion. A staple for any chain aficionados out there.

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Half and Half, Newend

This gorgeous necklace meshing two distinct chain styles is light-weight but with a bold yet minimal aesthetic. Very “Argos chic”.

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