The new sustainable denim label you need in your wardrobe

The perfect fit.

Having launched just this month, Tri Colour Federation is the newest addition to the local denim scene.

The brand takes a unique approach, aiming to bring about environmental change and awareness through its message and manufacturing processes.

During childhood trips to Thredbo, founder Josh Norbury became interested in the fragile balance that exists between humans and the natural world. It was at this time he also discovered the Corroboree frog, whose unique black and yellow markings would go onto inspire the brand’s logo, name and colour palette.

We spent some time with Josh to find out what sets Tri Colour Federation apart from other denim brands.

What inspired you to start the brand?

I want to design beautiful Australian-made clothing that gives you the fit, quality and style you’ve been missing out on. Equally, I am inspired to clean up the waste. There is so much unnecessary waste across all areas of the industry. As a family-operated business, our mission is to undertake this social responsibility. And collectively, you and I are going to look and feel good doing it.

Why did you choose the Corroboree frog for your brand logo?

The Corroboree frog is uniquely Australian. It averages 2.5cm in size and is cloaked in vivid yellow and black patterns to ward off predators – every frog’s mark is unique, just like you and I. The rarest of the bunch have splashes of alpine blue streaked across their bodies creating a beautiful tri colour pattern.

Unfortunately, the species has been decimated by disease and climate change. As a result, the amphibian is endangered with a population that numbers fewer than 100. As we establish the brand, we plan to donate a percentage of our annual turnover towards Zoos Victoria.

How have you ensured the perfect fit?

Tri Colour Federation has utilised industry experience and technological advances to create the perfect fit. Our senior pattern maker has over 40 years’ experience and is recognised in the Australian Fashion Hall of Fame.

Collectively, we’ve spent a year developing and trialling this pattern through multiple wear tests and fit models to ensure a universal fit, which suits any body shape.

The psychological effect for a customer who puts our jeans on is an immediate sense of relief that they have a pair of jeans that fits, breathes and moves functionally in unison with them. Our denim selection has a composition of elastane, which allows for a lot of stretch. Yet at the same time, the denim’s outer layer is course, ensuring quality and longevity.

You utilise Stretch Reformation Technology. Can you tell us a little about it?

Stretch Reformation Technology is very clever. Not only does it ensure a perfect fit, moulding around the body, but it also provides superior comfort. SRT was developed by our partners ISKO (the world’s largest producer of denim) for the sole purpose of providing a more sustainable solution and a better fit.

SRT reduces water consumption, electricity and detergent and ensures that the elastane never loses its retention. Therefore, the need to wash the jean regularly for shrinking isn’t necessary.

Why is environmentally-friendly production so important to you as a brand?

Our world is changing every day. The fish we eat contain traces of plastic. The air we breathe is toxic. Animals are dying out. The list goes on. It’s no longer a need to reverse the cycle, but an obligation. There’s a garbage patch in every ocean on earth, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch contains six times more plastic than plankton and it’s twice the size of Texas.

We want to do our part and contribute to the restoration of the planet to ensure that there is something left for generations to come.

Tell us a little more about your unique fabrication.

Along with our organic cotton that uses very little water, next to no chemicals and produces less waste, our recycled polyester is no different. Sourced from recycled PET plastic bottles, our mission is to reduce the amount of waste being dumped into the earth.

What’s next for Tri Colour Federation?

We are currently preparing our next range. It will feature a broader selection of colours and styles that incorporate our unique block fit.

Tri Colour Federation is also working closely with ISKO on a new denim construction that will push the boundaries of sustainability further.

Above all else, we are looking forward to building a customer base of like-minded people who can enjoy the brand and be apart of the solution.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 178. You can read it here.

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