Clothia helps you find the world’s best emerging fashion designers, and it’s just launched in Australia

Words by Sally Edwards

Bookmark at the ready.

WWD called it the “United Nations of emerging designers” and after almost three years in the US market, Clothia officially launched in Australia earlier this month.

The curated online marketplace showcases up-and-coming designers from all over the world, gives them direct access to consumers and simplifies their marketing, e-Commerce and logistical processes so that they can focus on creating their collections.

“Launching a clothing brand is extremely challenging and time consuming… Our goal is to continue to introduce new technologies that free up the designers’ time to focus on their art and vision, and not be weighed down by the complexities of analytical marketing, e-Commerce, cross-border payments, and shipping logistics,” wrote Clothia’s founder, Elena Silenok, on Medium.

And for online shoppers like you and me who are on the quest for unique, well-made and affordable pieces, Clothia is the spot. Prices range, in Australian dollars, from $35 to $5634 and when checking out the store’s ‘Designers’ list, I recognised zero of them, but that’s the entire point.

The Clothia team hunts near and far for cool, ethical brands to deliver a revolving selection of high-quality garms that can’t be found anywhere else.

The clothes, shoes and accessories featured on Clothia are truly unique and not, as Elena emphasised to Vogue, “Just knockoffs of the latest Celine or Gucci collection.” Her shopping platform targets the new-age shopper who wants what nobody else has, but also wants to support the kind of labels that won’t show up on Diet Prada any time soon.

“More than ever before, consumers are turning to clothing and accessories to express their individual personalities and the industry is seeing a growing trend toward high-quality, well-priced, unique pieces that encourage self-expression,” says Elena. 

“While there’s no shortage of brick-and-mortar boutiques in the US, their selection is often limited to already established brands, especially when it comes to styles from international designers… [and] international e-Commerce platforms are still relatively limited, especially when it comes to small, emerging brands.” 

By introducing this kind of tech to fashion, Elena aims to give consumers the opportunity to “express themselves through one-of-a-kind pieces” and brands a chance to break through in the already teeming fashion market. 

So, now that Clothia has landed in the Aussie shopping space, why don’t you get clicking? Even if you’re low on funds – shopping funds specifically – there’s every chance you might find that unique, high-quality piece worth saving up for. 


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