Converse drops new custom patches for Trans Awareness Week with Minus18


A reminder that support for the LGBTQIA+ community should include all of its members.

Continuing its partnership with LGBTQIA+ organisation Minus18, Converse has dropped another collection of custom pride patches.

Back in August, the duo released two patches for Wear it Purple Day featuring the pride flag. This time around, they’re celebrating Trans Awareness Week, reminding us all of how wonderfully diverse the LGBTQIA+ community really is.

Trans Awareness Week runs from November 13 to 20, and is a chance to learn about gender diversity and support trans and gender non-conforming communities. It culminates in a day of observance on Friday November 20, where everyone is encouraged to reflect on and remember the large number of trans people who have lost their lives due to prejudice and violence.

In order to help raise awareness and funds, Converse and Minus18 have designed two more patches that can be applied to your Converse Chucks or any item of clothing.

The first patch features mirrored rainbows made up of the colours of the pride flag – including brown and black stripes to represent intersectionality – and the trans flag. The second includes the message ‘Pride For All’ in the trans flag colours as a reminder that support for the LGBTQIA+ community should include all of its members.

Minus18’s Partnership Manager, Adrian Murdoch, says of the latest collaboration, “Highlighting these days of significance for the trans and gender diverse community helps bring more visibility, with patches that empower individuals to show pride and allyship.”

All proceeds from these patches will be donated to Minus18, with funds going towards events, school workshops and peer support for LGBTQIA+ youth and their families. Minus18 is the largest LGBTQIA+ charity in Australia championing specifically for vulnerable young people, and operates all around the country.

The patches are available as a set of two for $20. You can find them online or in select Converse stores across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

For more information about Trans Awareness Week and resources on how to be an ally to trans communities, head to Minus18’s website here.


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