Converse launches a genderless apparel line


With a new shoe collection to boot.

Converse is shaking up the game once again with the announcement of its first genderless apparel line, Shapes. With a mantra that encourages you to define your clothes, rather than letting your clothes define you, Shapes embraces both gender and size inclusivity. 

There are just five core pieces in the collection and four sizes offered globally, cutting down from the traditional 14 sizes commonly provided across men’s and women’s lines.

While at first, this might not seem size-inclusive, by applying considered details such as pleats and gussets, Converse is able to accommodate a much wider range of sizes. Better yet, each Shapes piece is made from 50 per cent recycled cotton and 50 per cent virgin cotton.  

Keep your eyes peeled as it’s only the first of three collections set to debut in 2020. And if it didn’t already have enough on its production plate, Converse is also launching a new shoe range, dubbed Converse CX. Think classic Chuck Taylors, but with a futuristic twist.  

Three footwear designs are set to be released, the first being the All Star Disrupt CX featuring an exaggerated statement heel that’s unmissable against the well-loved Converse silhouette. Comfort, wearability and innovation are given their time in the spotlight with the CX Stretch Canvas, CX Foam and new outsole design working together to improve flexibility, absorption and durability.

All shoes in the Converse CX range will be released in a variety of monotone colours, with the All Star Disrupt CX debuting on March 19. 


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