It’s a new world and Converse’s ‘Create Next’ collection is propelling us there


Innovation is at the forefront of everything it does.

Converse has always been the shoe of youth culture. Spotted on everyone from punks to hippies, the classic style is a staple in wardrobes around the world. Now, it’s a new decade (and let’s face it, a new world) and Converse is still here to propel us into the future. 

In March 2020, Converse debuted its CX toolkit. The result of years of experimentation and research, these innovative materials aim to deliver a new era of comfort to loyal Converse wearers. 

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There’s the adaptable stretch canvas, CX foam to boost impact absorption and a smart rubber outsole that provides flexibility. Fast forward to just over a year later and Converse is releasing Create Next, a futuristic line of innovative sneakers, all thanks to the brand’s new technology. 

By 2022, the heritage brand is aiming to combine the clever CX toolkit into every pair of Converse but for now, you can take your pick with one of three new releases (and one updated release) rolling out later this year. 

First up is the Run Star Motion. The bold style is instantly recognisable as it’s a development of the original Converse Hi-Tops. Inspired by the carefree spirit of the Berlin fashion scene, Run Star Motion combines American ingenuity with modern European style.

Second is the CX Chuck Taylor, a revision on a classic that sees the CX technology introduced to our beloved Chuck silhouette. It’s one for the purists, bringing increased comfort and movement to an iconic style. Both releases are up for grabs from July 15, with a limited release of the Run Star Motion available online from today. 

Next up is the Aeon Active CX. According to designer Jin Hong, the brief for the Aeon Active CX was wide open. As a result, Converse has tapped into the city lifestyle by producing an ageless and genderless shoe. With clever cushioning and futuristic silhouettes, the Aeon is designed for dynamic and modern living. 

Finally, we have the Weapon CX. Inspired by designs from the ’80s, the Weapon is a modern take on a basketball sneaker. Recognising that the stadium is becoming the new street style, design director Matt Sleep said they wanted to keep the upper part of the shoe as a nod to the archive while the bottom is where the innovative CX toolkit kicks in, giving you support and style. 

The designers have kept the famous canvas outer while playing with foam and rubber padding on the bottom that makes you want to jump into the new world. Both the Aeon Active CX and the Weapon CX will land later this year. 

With the Weapon taking inspiration from the past, the Run Star Motion distorting the present and the Aeon moving us into the future, Converse is proving that clever design and comfort is here to stay. 

Converse has been fuelling the movements of youth for decades and with this new line of Create Next CX designs, it’s clear it’s not stopping anytime soon. 

You can shop the Run Star Motion pre-launch online from today, so get in quick to be bouncing into the new world. 

Browse the Create Next range here.

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